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YTB - Level 2 Director, Detroit


Nick Pagano is the founding partner of Business Development Specialists that is a sales organization that assists professional service firms in developing business. Additionally, he is the owner of a couple of other businesses. He spent 15 years in corporate America, after completing his MBA, chasing the dream only to find that in some cases that dream is really a nightmare.

He is passionate about helping people change their financial futures with God’s principles and sound financial management techniques that he has learned the hard way. His book, “The Morality of Money”, which he coauthored with his pastor, Ken Hubbard, is a down to earth how to book on changing your financial futures.

Using Scripture and sound financial principles the book outlines how we as Christians need to create a profit in order to maximize the opportunities that God has given us. Using humor, Nick shares his personal experience about a bad partnership that cost him almost everything, and the lessons that he learned from that period that his wife calls his “stupid period”. He is a sought after seminar speaker for his humor and insights and believes that God has given the tough times to enhance his ministry


business, basketball, golf and reading - but not necessarily in that order!